For sale – to a good home (a member of the VGC!)
Dart 15 G-DBRU. I need to reduce my fleet of 6 gliders. I love this glider but I shall never get round to use it, I’m sure. 
Wooden spar, has trailing edged fillets (which seems to make it more benign, I have found it so).
Fixed wheel, front and tail skids. Compromise hook, but I got reasonable winch launches with it. 
The canopy developed multiple cracks whilst on the grid at Lasham in 2013 (canopy frame decided to fail, in no wind ). I sorted it with a Dart 17 canopy, but later used the canopy bubble on an Oly 463. So it has been sitting here unused for 10 years, needing another bubble. 
Trailer ali on steel, quite neat fittings. A doddle to rig.
Quite an opportunity to get yourself a nice vintage glider in the air again with relatively little work. Comes with the instruments shown (out of glider)
Come and see it in Yorkshire, bring £500 and the glider and trailer are yours! You would have to fit a new canopy bubble, and refit the instruments, do some trailer fettling. 
If interested email me – edenpete@gmail.com