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Nominations for the 2018 VGC News Skywriters Award

Welcome to the VGC News on-line nomination form for your choice of best written work for 2018. This is a unique opportunity for you, the VGC Reader, to decide who this prestigious award goes to.

Your choice can include any written work, including for example, any article, report, obituary or poem. In order to help you in your choice, here are a few simple suggestions to guide you:

*The written word; the artistic use of language and ability to connect and capture your imagination throughout the entire piece

*Subjective matter; maybe your vote is based upon the fact that the author has selected a new and completely unknown aspect of our gliding history

*Presentation and research; maybe your vote is based purely upon the sheer dedication and thorough research that has gone into the subject 

*Educational value; this includes works that significantly enhances the educational understanding of the operation and maintaining our Vintage and Classic gliders

There is only 1 final nomination accepted from each member/reader. In order to prepare for the traditional VGC Annual Awards, registered voting closes on the 15th of September of each year.

Please note that in order to cover all 3 issues per year, the voting year does not run as a calendar year but rather a seasonal year and therefore includes the ‘Christmas issue’ of the previous year.

As a result, for the 2018 Skywriters Award, your vote should cover issues 151, 152 and 153 only.

On behalf of the VGC News Team,

Happy reading!



Past winners of the VGC News Skywriters Award


2017: Chad Wille, USA.  Article: The Midwest MU-1 (Issue 150- Summer 2017)



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