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The Vintage Glider Club exists to restore old gliders and to have fun whilst flying them.

We are a truly international organisation with members from right across the world. The club was formed as a result of the very first International Vintage Glider Rally at Husbands Bosworth, UK in 1973 to encourage the continued preservation and flying of gliders from the past.

Membership is open to anybody who has an interest in the preservation, researching and flying vintage, old timer and classic gliders and associated artefacts.

A series of Rallies are organised each year in various countries where members are able to get together to share their passion for the preservation and flying of vintage gliders.

Members receive the club magazine VGC News which is lavishly illustrated and packed with the latest news, rally reports and articles three times a year.



VGC News is the official magazine of the Vintage Glider Club. The magazine which is published 3 times a year is included in the price of annual membership. Each full colour issue is packed with information and exciting photos of interest to pilots, owners and modellers alike. For anyone interested in Vintage Gliders the magazine is an absolute must.

The VGC News has been published by the Vintage Glider Club since the Club was formed in 1973.
Back issues from 1973 to 2003 form a part of the Lakes Gliding Club Archive and can be viewed here.

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40. Internationales Spatzentreffen

8th June 2023 - 11th June 2023

Oldtimertreffen am Grasberg

8th June 2023 - 11th June 2023


Hood River Glider Weekend

9th June 2023 - 12th June 2023

Midwest Vintage / Classic Regatta

12th June 2023 - 18th June 2023

Camphill Vintage Glider Rally

16th June 2023 - 23rd June 2023

National VGC Rally

17th June 2023 - 24th June 2023


Vintage and Retro Gliding Week Alleberg / Sweden

1st July 2023 @ 8:00 am - 9th July 2023 @ 5:00 pm

Coupe des Cent Chateaux

8th July 2023 - 14th July 2023


VGC Rendezvous 2023

20th July 2023 - 27th July 2023

The Bristol & Gloucestershire Gliding Club

50th VGC International Rally 2023.

29th July 2023 - 6th August 2023

  Cotswold Gliding Club, at Aston Down Airfield

26. Kleines Oldtimertreffen

23rd August 2023 - 27th August 2023

Dutch Ka 6 Rally

25th August 2023 - 27th August 2023

Slingsby – Vintage Gliding Week

26th August 2023 - 2nd September 2023

Great Plains Vintage / Classic Regatta

14th September 2023 - 17th September 2023

20th VGC Seasonclosing / 20. VGC Saison-Abschluß-Fliegen

15th September 2023 - 17th September 2023

Dutch Autumn Rally

18th September 2023 - 22nd September 2023

Oktoberfest at Marfa, TX

20th September 2023 - 8th October 2023

VGC Annual Dinner 2023

14th October 2023

More information as soon as possible!

Int. Vintage Sailplane Meet 2024

6th July 2024 - 13th July 2024
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40th Anniversary VGC Commerorative Book

The Vintage Glider Club 40th Anniversary book is available direct from our distributors. It is competitively priced at €54,50 plus Post and Packaging.

To celebrate the 40th anniversary of the Vintage Glider Club it was decided to produce a book. The book is an anthology of stories from around the world and includes details of over 300 hundred gliders which have been rescued, rebuilt or restored to active flying status. It deserves a place on every glider enthusiast’s bookshelf.

Richly illustrated with over 800 evocative colour photographs, it will appeal to all glider pilots, aeromodellers, historians and anyone who has a passion or interest in old timer gliders of yesteryear.

Additionally it contains many articles and tables which document the development of the Vintage Glider Club. It is a wonderful testament to the enthusiasm of it’s founder, Chris Wills, and those many members worldwide.past and present, who have painstakingly striven to preserve our gliding heritage for the future.

The Vinatage Glider Club
A celebration of 40 years preserving
and flying historic gliders 1973 – 2013

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Annual Dinner will be postponed until next year. Please watch information on VGC website and in upcoming VGC News. Das Annual Dinner wird ins naechste Jahr verschoben. Weitere Informationen auf der VGC Website und in den naechsten VGC News.